The Atom and Evil


Reviews for Atom and Evil

I have no words

"I just finished the book and I am stunned. I read a lot of books and I haven't read a book like this in forever. The protagonist is amazingly insane and by far the craziest one I've ever encountered. The writing captivates and brings you deeper to an unknown universe. You won't regret reading it" ~ Goodreads Reviewer

This book was CRAZY

"And again I mean literally crazy. The heroine - ok not heroine there are no hero’s here- MC Iris is a straight up lunatic. A wonderful lunatic. The kind of nut job/mech genius Kesh Lasota wishes she was.
She’s a “functioning stoner” and spends most of the book high as a kite and running circles around the asshole male crew.
She’s been kidnapped and forced to work for this space pirate overlord dude. Ok I can’t explain most of the plot because see above for reference to non-understanding but honestly its mostly just a backdrop for Iris's antics and massive personality."~ Goodreads Revierwer

Wow... just WOW!

"I love sci-fi romance with an edge and plenty of imagination and this book does not disappoint. I read around 500 new books per year, and this author is now definitely on my watch-out-for list. If you look for badass heroines who are not afraid of teaching their evil but powerful male counterparts some valuable lessons, read Myra Danvers. 

Personally, I can't wait for book 2 in Atom and Evil!" ~Goodreads Reviewer

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