Hunted by a beast.

An unstoppable juggernaut is coming for her. A villain who will take what he wants.

Fixated on her very scent, he stalks the wood in search of his precious mate. His tiny, rebellious queen.


Pleased by her defiance, entranced by her spirit and burning wrath, Gaius smiles, knowing she will be made to yield.


She can't deny what her body craves.


In her reluctant embrace, he samples a taste of forbidden redemption. The whisper of fate that knows nothing of the corruption in his blood.


She is salvation.


And Gaius will annihilate any who dares touch what he has claimed.


But he is not the only villain in these woods...


Publisher’s Note: Each pulse-pounding, tension filled page of this Paranormal Romance features a gritty heroine desperate to remain free of the criminals who seek to claim her for their own. If being helpless to the whims of monsters offends you, please do not purchase.


Renegade is the first book Myra Danvers' The Feral Hunt series. Giaus is coming soon—PREORDER NOW!

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