Insatiable Corruption

"Beautiful, engaging, and decadent. Mila's struggle with her nature and the loss of her people is so spectacularly written that her pain is your pain. There might even be a time or two you, like her, are tempted to give in to the smoldering temptation the alluring and indomitable Asher proposes. FIVE STARS!!!" -Addison Cain, USA Today Bestselling Author

They came to conquer, to see the great city of Tritan on her knees. Her people in chains.


I watched it all burn from a seat of untouchable power. Safe in the many arms of the forest as my heart charred black and the darkness took root. My sacred calling to a dead Goddess rejected, I am sustained by the forest's ancient, sleepy strength. Fed by wild ki, the whispers are soothed.


The urge to savage the conquerors lays dormant, for not even he can touch me here, where my every whim is law.

But Captain Asher Rawlings is a resourceful man, and though it’s been years since he’s so much as set eyes upon my face, he hasn’t given up the hunt for a rare and dangerous thing.


He wants me.

And he’ll never stop.


Not until my knees are sullied and my skin is marked—and my limitless power belongs to him.


But no matter how many times I fall, or how much I lose, he refuses to see the truth of the monster he's unleashed... After all... he's given me a thirst for vengeance...

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