The Last Tritan

Ravenous Innocence
Insatiable Corruption
Lavish Destruction

Reviews for The Last Tritan

Exceptional debut novel

"Mila may be in distress, but she is not your typical damsel, waiting for a prince to come save her. Our feisty heroine is not afraid to be herself, scars (literally and figuratively) and all. She is learning the extent of her powers and who she really is, taking horrific events in her stride as she fights to protect her country and her people. I'm eager to learn more about the mysterious Asher, and what secrets he can reveal to Mila about his powers, and hers." ~Amazon Reviewer

Rare and Dangerous

"The absolute artistry Danvers uses to weave this story is astonishing. I was torn the whole way through between savoring every page and tearing through it like there was no tomorrow.

I love Mila and the development of her character, good god. Oh, and don't even get me started on the world building here. We're thrown in, no explanations as to how the ki system or world really work, which is much how I prefer it. Danvers ties that into her story-telling, giving us those answers along the way.

I could not get enough of this world, and I'm dying for what Mila will do next." ~ Amazon Reviewer

Completely took me by Surprise

"I have never read anything like this before and its also my first from this author. a completely new world with priestesses that can harness ki. it took a while for me to understand the setting but once I saw the vision the author was trying to depict, it was SO captivating! traitorous urges, compelling, action, fantasy, heartfelt emotions, foreboding love that is covered in pain. oh the heartbreak as the ancient one she was named after

it ends in a cliffhanger and im dying to continue reading this story as of what happens next. this was a great read."  ~Amazon Reviewer 

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